Execute unique workflows

Think your business is a bit too different to work with equipment rental software? We’ll mold ourselves to your workflows, every time!

Advanced Rental Rates

Set up flexible prices for rentals. This includes bracket pricing flat fees, periodic rates, or a combination!

Flexible booking

Our versatile booking engine lets you fill orders based on proximity of items to customers, availability, and more!

Rental Rules and Coupons

You can add coupons manually, or define rental rules for seasonal pricing, group, or customer category!

Streamline customer service

Give your customers the best service possible through easy payment options, regular alerts and a tailor-made Webstore.


Sell online from a fully-customizable Webstore. Customers can book orders and access personalized rental portals.

Customer Management

Manage and categorize your customers, send them emails and customized invoices, and more!

Payment Gateways

Customers can pay online for rental orders using their credit card. We support Stripe and Authroirze.net.

Increase profits

Make sure those profits are always on the rise through actionable reports, revenue tracking, and seamless order management.

Order Management

Keep track of orders, the items within, and invoices generated against them. Filter orders for added convenience.

Revenue Management

Analyze performance with revenue reports. For quick stats, see the value of orders over a given time period.

Reports and Analytics

Get insights into customers preferences and item use, and predict future trends. Use filters to make sense of your data.

Enhance efficiency

Our integrations and countless productivity-boosting features ensure you’re expanding your limits every single day!

QuickBooks/Xero Integrations

Our enhanced integration pushes all your rental data to QuickBooks or Xero for advanced bookkeeping.

Workforce Productivity

See revenue and order scores for individual employees. Easily compare performances and identify trends.

Availability Calender

Make quick decisions about bookings and procurement by checking the availability status of all your items.

Manage equipment lifecycles

Get your equipment working better for longer with our advanced services and maintenance features, smart alerts, and label scanning.

Services and Maintenance

Benefit from preventive maintenance by creating service tickets, enabling recurring services, and more.

Equipment Tracking

Track equipment across locations using QR codes and Barcodes. These can be scanned using our mobile app.

Reports and Notifications

Set up customizable notifications for admins and staff members so you’re always on top of your orders!

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