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Affordable Roll-offs

Affordable Roll-Offs is a dumpster rental business that struggled with several management roadblocks during the initial stages of growth. EZRentOut helped resolve the matter by automating dumpster tracking and providing a consolidated platform to store all their data.

Township of Hamilton

Kheng Sun Hiring Equipment

Kheng Sun Hiring Equipments has been operating since 1966. But keeping up with the changing times has not been easy. To help ease the process towards digitization and automation, Kheng Sun turned to EZRentOut to streamline workflows



Equimax expanded into the heavy equipment rental industry in 2014. They quickly realized that the rental business comes with a unique set of challenges. This prompted their integration with EZRentOut to capture the complete rental order cycle.


MASE Agency

MASE Agency has been operating as an events and operations management company in South Australia since 2010. They offer clients a range of unique rental equipment, including handmade and eco friendly furniture for events.As their business continued to grow, MASE Agency was facing major challenges with their rental booking process and experiencing disrupted workflows. The automation with EZRentOut has enabled the company to gain control of their rental operations and improved team coordination for seamless event management.

Team Up! With Families

Team Up! With Families - Katy’s Kloset

Katy’s Kloset is a service of Team Up! With Families, a non-profit organization founded in 1995 by parents of special needs children. As part of enriching the lives of families with special needs individuals, Katy’s Kloset loans out medical equipment completely free of charge. As Katy’s Kloset experienced rapid growth and moved to remote operations, EZRentOut helped them streamline orders and track rental equipment.

VFX Technologies

VFX Technologies

VFX Technologies is a privately held company that rents out hi-performance workstations and systems to media companies, agencies, brand networks in the US. Their product line includes high-performance Apple, HP, and custom-designed workstations. EZRentOut has streamlined their operations by efficiently tracking growing inventory and process accurate rentals orders.


HealthQuest, Inc.

HealthQuest, Inc. is a California-based, family-owned home medical equipment provider. Apart from their retail store, HealthQuest also maintains a rental model featuring a full range of assistive living equipment such as adjustable beds, mobility chairs, wheelchairs, and more. Automating with EZRentOut has helped them increase rental revenue and increase efficiency while adding valuable business insights for scaling the business.



Steamboat Ski Touring Center and Haymaker Nordic Center have been home to various skiing events around the country for many decades. EZRentout has helped their rental division streamline workflows to significantly increase operational capacity. With centralized visibility, management is able to track every piece of equipment in real-time, reducing instances of lost/misplaced equipment.

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