Affiliate Program (This program has been discontinued)

Earn up to 20% commission per month.

Affiliate Packages:

Package Max Companies Min Companies Commission
Silver 50 0 10%
Gold 100 51 20%
Platinum Unlimited 101 30%

As an affiliate, you will have access to a list of clients, their package status and contact details for all registrations taking place through your referred traffic (via your designated affiliate page).


  • You will be paid the relevant package rate on each payment we receive from the client.
  • Commission for a client will be paid for 1 year. After 1 year, the contract will expire.
  • You should receive a confirmation email from our team on the successful registration of your affiliate account. If you haven’t received an email, get in touch with us at support@ezrentout.com with any details.
  • EZRentOut reserves the right to take down your affiliate page if the product is poorly presented or if inaccurate claims are being communicated.
  • The package is set for sales in the past year (Jan - Dec). A package change will impact all commission, including commission for sales made in the past year. For the first year, the package is set to Wood.

Example: A client signs up for a Gold account on 1st Jan, has his trial end on the 15th, and makes a monthly recurring payment of $50 on the 15th. Pending the payment threshold, we will pay you 20% i.e. $15 if you're a Steel affiliate. If the client ends his subscription on 14th July, you will have earned $90. If the client never ends his subscription, you will continue earning $15 every month for a year.


The payment threshold is set to $100. If the threshold is below this, you will not be paid. All payments will be paid through paypal, with no exceptions.

EZ Web Enterprises reserves the right to end the affiliate program at any time. If the affiliate program is terminated by EZ Web Enterprises, you will be notified 3 months in advance.

Contact us at info@ezrentout.com for further details

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Last updated at 21st November 2016.